The Hottest Trend in Travel for 2022: Retreats

Why Travel Planners, Event Planners, Wellness Influencers and Coaches Should Add Retreats to Their Business Plan
When the pandemic came, fear paralyzed the world. Borders and businesses closed. Loved ones fell ill, and some died. We were stuck at home (some of us still are) and in that isolation, we were forced to look inward.

By Catherine Kontos@KontosCatherine

When the pandemic came, fear paralyzed the world. Borders and businesses closed. Loved ones fell ill, and some died. We were stuck at home (some of us still are) and in that isolation, we were forced to look inward. When that happens, the mind can’t help but wander. We tend to question our existence and wonder what we have done with our lives. Are we happy with our jobs, our relationships, and most importantly, ourselves?

When the world stopped, we were stripped of many privileges and forced to face reality without any distractions. Superficial living became less and less possible. We began to realize that gaining material wealth does not bring long-term happiness. In our isolation, we searched for answers and meaning and experienced an awakening of sorts. We had to face our own personal truths and how we fit into the world.

There’s no denying it; inner reflection has deepened our desire to resolve the many issues around us, and we long to reconnect with others. The need for community inspires us to seek like-minded people with whom we can share our thoughts and experiences, with whom we can discover and grow.

How does one go about finding that community?

The solution is retreats, and I’m going to tell you why. Let’s start with a definition.

What is a retreat?

A retreat is an immersive, facilitator-led program centered around a specific topic for a few intensive days in a rejuvenating location. It’s a place where like-minded people gather to create change. That change might focus on their personal wellness or business transformation. In some instances, it might be all about solidifying a company’s culture or training up others to make your business grow.

Retreats are not vacations. Vacations provide a temporary escape from one’s life and don’t always resolve issues. Going on vacation to relieve mental distress may only add to it. If you’re mentally exhausted and then suddenly stop to decompress, psychological and physical distress can arise. Some people react to those sensations by seeking even more escapism such as drinking and keeping busy, only to return home more exhausted than they were before they left.

Retreats, on the other hand, are focused and transformational.

Let’s conclude that retreats are a form of wellness and group travel with a twist of relaxation and a drop of escapism, all while satisfying your urge to explore and providing you with a taste of your own personal truth. That may be a mouthful, but you get my point. They’re more purposeful than a vacation.

How do retreats help?

With all the benefits retreats offer, they are on the verge of becoming the hottest trend in travel. They’re already on the rise. The pandemic has given us insight into our lives, and we are seeking growth through travel. As the world opens up, companies and people alike want to venture out in the world, and they want to travel with purpose.

If you are apprehensive and question if now is the right time to plan a retreat, my answer is YES! There has never been a better time, so don’t wait to get started. A successful local retreat takes four months to plan, while an international retreat takes a year. Retreats aren’t group vacations or simple programs you can quickly throw together. It takes time and the right tools to gather the key elements for a profitable and transformational retreat. But once you have the right formula in place, you can plan multiple retreats with ease.

Who would benefit from retreat planning?

It’s a no-brainer to realize that Travel Planners, especially those planning group or wellness travel, would benefit tremendously from adding retreat planning to their services. They can expand upon their existing client base. The same goes for Event Planners, especially those who plan corporate events and remote or international events for their clients. Not only will retreats add incredible value for their clients, but they will also gain substantial income for their business.

If you are in the health and wellness industry, such as a Yogi, Fitness Trainer, Psychologist, or Health Influencer, retreat getaways will add excitement and intensive training programs to your business and impressive results.

Then there is the world of Coaches. Many coaches understand the benefits of retreats and they’re already offering them, but are they doing it right? Do they understand all the ins and outs of effective retreat planning? Their experience usually focuses on other areas.

Once you learn how to plan a retreat, you can create one easily with little or no liability, a high margin of profitability, and in any location you desire. You’ll enhance connections with your clients, who will become your biggest fans and promoters for future retreats.

A retreat is a perfect opportunity to gain recurring income for your upcoming events and coaching programs. There’s no good reason not to have retreats as part of your services.

Who does not want to make a profit while living independently?

Come on board!

The time is ripe for retreats. Holding these purposeful getaways can help you generate a substantial income by doing what you love and living a life of purpose using tools that empower, explore, and make a difference. At the same time, you can discover the world.

Do you want to travel, inspire, and profit while creating retreats?

Let me help you acquire the right tools through a series of courses and a certification program I developed to help you create transformational retreats for fun and profit. Reach out if you have any questions or want to find out if you qualify to build your retreats.



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