Retreat Planning for the Practitioner

Course Overview

If you are looking to run and host a retreat for yourself once, twice or more times a year then this course makes it easy for you. You will learn strategies from conception to post retreat creating a most effective, impactful and profitable event. This course is perfect for the heart centred entrepreneur. If you are a coach, health and fitness influencer, spiritual leader, or any one who wants to add supplemental income to their business. This course is for you.

Reg: $1497

NOW: $997

*Completion of this course does not allow for Excellence Certification eligibility.  If you want to become a certified RetreatBoss™ Planner you need to start with our Professional Course.

What To Expect:

  • Attract and qualify your best and most eager client to your retreat 
  • Strategies on filling the retreat to capacity
  • Pricing strategies and templates for profit
  • Qualify venues, activities and suppliers within your perfect retreat destination
  • Develop a program that results in meaningful impact for your clients
  • Negotiating supplier contracts
  • Understanding possible liabilities and how best to protect yourself
  • Safety protocols for yourself and group
  • Marketing strategies and promotional timelines

Bonus: The RetreatBoss™ Master Planner, it includes:

  • Retreat Timeline Planning Checklist
  • Registration Template: including Health and Medical Form
  • Attendee Satisfaction Questionnaire Template
  • Media Release for Practitioner Template
  • Retreat Timeline Planning Checklist
  • Online Application Form Template
  • Pricing for Profit Worksheet
  • Marketing Checklist
  • Plug-In and Do-It-For-You Spreadsheets such as:
    • Attendee/Room Tracker
    • Trip/Reservations Tracker
    • Packing Checklist
    • Activities Tracker
  • Group Rules Template
  • Venue Assessment Checklist
  • Retreat Agenda Template
  • PLUS: Get a FREE Guide on How to Build a Successful Retreat

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have a theoretical and practical experience on planning your retreat.
  • Have created a retreat plan from conception to post-retreat that is ready to execute.
  • Have gained strategies and tools in creating profitable transformational retreats.
  • Increase productivity and decrease money wasted, adding to your bottom line.
  • Profit from proper pricing, decreasing cancellations, upselling & filling your retreats.
  • Learn to profit from proper targeting & marketing.
  • Have the knowledge on how to decrease liability from qualifying your clients, detailed planning, liability prevention & customer quality control.
  • Improved negotiation skills.
  • Increase your business knowledge on starting and launching a business, product and service.
  • Have put into place a promotional timeline and retreat agenda.
  • Choose venues to meet yours and your guest standards of quality.
  • Understand all the intricate details that make a successful retreat.

*Completion of this course does not allow for Excellence Certification eligibility.  If you want to become a certified RetreatBoss™ Planner you need to start with our Professional Course.

Agnesia Agrella Business Architect | Change Specialist

Retreats are an extremely competitive market and having somebody with so much experience guiding me through the planning process has been invaluable. It has helped me to really focus on two or three areas at a time. It assisted me to identify the most important tasks that will ensure success when I launch the retreats.

Joel Berger Retreat Venue Owner & Operator

I thank you for all your help throughout these years: your constant assistance and collaboration had a great impact on the growth of my company.

Dillon Randolph Physician assistant

I have made tremendous strides and steps forward. It's going to be so useful to take everything I learned and put into action.

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