What's our Story?

The RetreatBoss Promise

To help Retreat Leaders become internationally recognized Retreat Success Experts through professional training and support.

Where they can then deliver quality planning and execution of retreats, such that it will enhance their client’s personal and professional journey of inspiration and transformation by creating unforgettable experiences and profitable retreats.

Our story

My name is Catherine Kontos, the founder of RetreatBoss. I am a firm believer in the power of retreats. In 2012, I started a business as a retreat planner to guide clients in curating transformative experiences they would never forget. We have helped thousands of guests experience memorable and transformational journeys in the last decade. Today, RetreatBoss is an award-winning retreat company and a go to reference for the retreat community.

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Our Winning Approach

Our focus is on providing the best business and transformative strategies for creating an impactful retreat. We are dedicated to helping you from day one and throughout the entire retreat planning process! Our team of experts will inspire new ideas, fresh approaches with their out-of-the-box thinking skillsets that can't be found anywhere else. Our team provides every tool imaginable, all while building a community of retreat leaders that high-five one another with their wins.

Meet the Executive Team

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Catherine Kontos


Based in the Greater Montreal area where many consider the city to be Canada’s little Europe, Catherine built her retreat business a decade ago from a blank canvas. Since, she has explored every aspect of the retreat world and has helped plan for thousands of guests from around the world their memorable retreat experiences, all while consulting retreat venue owners on getting licensed with the local hospitality authorities by staging and designing retreats for the highest-quality consumer experience down to the last spoon. Her business strategies have resulted in a successful turnaround for the venues, where 85% capacity and a minimum of 4.5-star guest reviews became the norm. After years of coaching retreat leaders on creating profitable and transformational experiences, she has decided to pivot her teachings online.
Her kind approach with colleagues and partners creates a welcoming atmosphere where creativity blossoms and professional growth is enriched. Her philosophy is based on the premise that only through empowering one’s community, one will reach great professional achievements and personal fulfillment.

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Henrry Vinent Leyva

Senior Web QA Consultant

Originally from the salsa-loving country of Cuba, Henrry (with two Rs) has based himself in Greater Montreal alongside Catherine. He creates magic in the digital world with coding software and websites. His eye for detail makes him the perfect candidate for achieving quality on all platforms. He aspires to always bring the brand to the next level and does so with his positive outlook and smile. His love in playing baseball brings out the team spirit within us all and enhances our company culture with a “One for All, All for One” attitude.
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Jenny Torres Gallegos

Chief Image Officer

From Mexico and Based in Germany, Jenny joins us as Chief Image Officer at RetreatBoss™ she is best known for her contributions supporting our Founder and making sure every task is perfectly done. Professionally, she is motivated by travel, culture, and design, bringing creativity, unique consideration, and an eye for detail to whatever she does. Outside of work, she recharges by traveling, photography, and time spent with friends. What Jenny appreciates about her job is being able to pursue both personal goals and professional passions with equal gusto. She inspires the team with her creativity and provokes ideas from everyone that collaborates with her.

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