Working with Benefits: All 12 of Them

Create a Location Independent Lifestyle as a Retreat Planner
Working remotely from anywhere in the world sounds like a dream. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? Many people do and later realize they lack the discipline or the tools to work effectively, or maybe they simply miss going into the office.

By Catherine Kontos@KontosCatherine

Working remotely from anywhere in the world sounds like a dream. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? Many people do and later realize they lack the discipline or the tools to work effectively, or maybe they simply miss going into the office.

Then there are the other people, the special ones who can handle it all.

Initially, I was the former and in over my head. At first, I loved working from home. I woke up on my own time, slacked in bed for a while, and found all kinds of things to do with my freedom. Then one day, it caught up with me. The growling list of unfinished items on my “to do” list was overwhelming. Suddenly I missed the office and felt lonely. On weekends, I’d run out of the house for any excuse to socialize.

It took years before I got remote working right. It wasn’t easy to change my habits and develop new ones, but when I finally did, working remotely became the dream I’d hoped it would be.

Since I’ve adjusted to working remotely, I can’t imagine my life any other way. I can’t picture spending an hour each weekday morning getting ready for the office or spending an hour each way on the daily commute. Nor do I see myself adhering to other people’s schedules. Becoming location independent has added to my life the privilege of traveling anywhere without having to rush back to work. I’ve closed deals while sailing on a yacht in the Gulf of Mexico and provided instruction to my virtual staff from a location near the rainforests in Costa Rica. The list can go on, but the important idea is that I’ve spent months away from home without missing a beat.

The life of a retreat planner encompasses all of those perks. It’s a freedom like no other. When my husband came into the picture, he too began working remotely. So not only do I have company at home, but every time I pass by his office, I steal a kiss! Our schedule even allows us to have our lunch together. And yes, though we work remotely, we still follow a schedule. That’s the discipline I was originally missing, the one that got me in trouble all those years ago.

Here are 12 benefits of a location independent lifestyle:

1. You live by your schedule

No need to ask for days off to run errands or tend to your mental health. You can adjust your schedule accordingly. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night, but I’m ready to doze off in the morning. My schedule allows me to start later in the day and finish later if I wish. I don’t book any appointments before 11 a.m. That extra time in the morning allows me the flexibility to focus on self-care or focus on my writing since I’m most creative at that time.

2. You can work from anywhere in the world.

As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection and a laptop, you can work anywhere from a Greek Island beach to your home office. This brings me to my next point.

3. You can travel a lot.

I get to see the world, and I get paid for it—no; actually, I significantly profit from it. Imagine never having to pay for a trip or deal with travel expenses! Plus your income and business keep growing while you are away.

4. Your staff/independent contractors work remotely from anywhere around the world.

Having staff/independent contractors around the world is one of the biggest perks. People work for me 24/7, thanks to the time difference. It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and discover one of my projects was completed by others while I slept. With this kind of support, you get to meet professionals from around the world and learn more about their culture and lifestyles. You don’t have to worry about in-house staffing and all the costs that entail. By hiring remotely, you tap into the world market of talent that suits your budget and your needs.

5. You gain culture.

Although I consider myself culturally savvy because I live in a multi-cultural city, traveling expands my knowledge and perspective about people and traditions around the world. This brings me to my next point.

6. You become more relatable.

The more people you know from diverse backgrounds, the broader you grow your understanding and ability to relate to others. Those kinds of people skills will help you thrive in your business.

7. You develop friendships around the world.

There’s something special about having these relationships with people from around the globe. Social media makes it easy to stay in touch and sustain those relationships. When you embark on a traveling adventure and meet friends who are happy to see you, and you feel safe and at home wherever you are. These friendships help build an incredibly diverse global network.

8. You become more adaptable.

When you travel, you quickly realize not all countries have the luxury of strong Wi-Fi signals. Simple things like toilet paper can be difficult or even impossible to find. Traveling widely equips you to adapt to every situation. It makes you humble and grateful for all the privileges you are accustomed to at home. And of course, upon returning home, you appreciate all the little things you once took for granted, and you don’t fret over the small stuff.

9. You become more productive.

Working from home saves you a lot of time by avoiding the daily commute. When you’re working out of the country, you’ll instinctively manage your time to avoid wasting it on anything other than work and play and enjoying your surroundings.

10. You become more creative.

As your travel expands to new areas, new people, and new experiences, so does your mind. You become abundantly creative, and you more naturally engage with out-of-the-box thinking.

11. You can choose to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur.

Feel like being independent but only work for yourself without having to deal with all the extras of an entrepreneur? Or would you rather build a business? The choice is yours. It’s that simple.

12. You have a purpose-driven career.

All I’ve mentioned until now are self-indulgent perks. But those perks help create a happy, fulfilled person who can offer more to the world and impact others deeply. Their cup is overflowing with gratitude, and that inspires purpose. I purposely left this point for last because you need to be well in order to be great.

Whether you decide to become a digital nomad or work from home it’s a lifestyle that is not for everyone, nor is creating and planning retreats, but if what you read excites you, then you should get curious and make the decision to switch. You won’t regret it.

Do you want to travel, inspire, and profit while creating retreats?

Let me help you acquire the right tools through a series of courses and a certification program I developed to help you create transformational retreats for fun and profit. Reach out if you have any questions or want to find out if you qualify to build your retreats.



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