As a professional retreat leader, you need to know everything that a retreat host has to create, plan, research, and everything in between so you can understand the retreat planning process and the needs of the host. This course will teach you how to build a retreat through the host’s eyes and as a planner for hire (for corporate or other professionals).

As a retreat planner and host of your upcoming retreat, you must make your foundation first. Like in any structure, a weak foundation will only result in a poor result. The whole system might even collapse. Not building a strategy from the beginning is one of the main reasons why most fail in business. Let’s make yours solid. In this module, you will learn the basics of a retreat and define your mission, vision, values, and goals. You will be brainstorming all your thoughts and ideas in this module. This lesson will uncover your mastermind to attract the right clients with the right message. Keep it close. You will need it as you build your retreat.



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