The best practice is a safe practice. Understanding that things can go wrong will help
you prepare in advance. A good way is to create a list of possible challenges and have
a plan ready, just in case. In this module, you will learn some preventive measures you
can have in place to reduce and even avoid facing grave challenges.
Visas and Entry Requirements:
When traveling internationally, ensure that the country you plan to retreat is open to
tourists. You must also know the country’s entry details, like tourist taxes and visas. An
entry visa can be denied, or it can take longer for a response. If visas are required, find
out how easily they can be acquired before deciding on that destination. The last thing
you want is to go to a country where your attendees require lengthy and expensive
visas. These are expenses and stresses best avoided if too difficult.
Travel and Health Insurance are non-negotiable.
Make sure you and your staff are covered. Do not assume your credit card covers you
fully. Call and get the details by email.
Best advice: request proof of insurance from your participants when it’s time. The last
thing you want is to have something happen to one of your clients during the trip, and
they are left stranded with no money to pay for their medical bills.
General and Professional Liability Protection
Cover yourself with General and Professional Liability Protection by drawing up a legal
contract reviewed by a lawyer. If you feel you need complete coverage, buy insurance
if your lawyer suggests it.
1. General liability covers you when an event happens in your venue, and someone
slips, falls, and hurts themselves. If they sue you, your insurance and contract should
kick in to cover your costs.
2. If your clients are coming to the venue owned by your business, then you need
business insurance.
3. If you are a retreat planner, you should get errors and omissions insurance. This type
of insurance protects planners. It covers a mistake in the plan or if something does not
go according to plan.
4. You need event insurance if your event has more than 100 guests.
Waivers, Releases, and Disclaimers
These should be included in the contract and on your website or sales page when they
reserve or book their spot at your retreat. This way, the client can not claim they were
unaware of any information or were told after booking their retreat about specific
retreat information.
If you want to market your retreat, have your participants sign a media release form
(RetreatBoss™ has provided a template later in this course). This release permits you
to use pictures and videos where your participants appear. You may also include
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which protects data privacy and security.
Independent Contractors
You will likely hire them. If you hire them and have control over them, you can be
legally responsible for them depending on how the judge will view your relationship if
sued by a client. If they own their own company, are flexible with their time, and
charge you a fee, they are more likely to be viewed as an independent contractor.
Make it clear in your contracts that you are not responsible for any mishaps from these
independent contractors.
It will protect what you teach and anything you present. Include it in your contract and
all the documentation you will present at your retreat.
Group and Retreat Rules
Guidelines for group conduct set the stage and avoid uncomfortable confrontations. It
should not be a control tactic but a friendly reminder of the type of behavior expected
at the retreat.
Some facilitators might use strict rules resulting in the expulsion of the offending
guest, while other facilitators will offer suggested behavior or a mix of both. It makes
guests feel more at ease that there is a structure within the group.
Be careful not to over-structure or over-regulate. It will defeat the purpose of the
retreat, but make sure they read, understand, and sign the rules. Later in the course,
we have included a template for your perusal.
Contracts with participants
This needs to include as much of the above as applicable, plus any details relevant to
your retreat and business.
Legal templates (worth 5000$) have been drawn up from our lawyer and are available
with the purchase of the RetreatBoss™ Excellence Program. Have the template
reviewed by your lawyer to ensure the details apply to your retreat and business.
Registration with the participants’ information, including health and medical
questionnaire and emergency contact information, should be part of the
documentation you provide to be completed along with the contract. (A template is
provided later in the course)
Seller of Travel Law
Incorporates elements of contract law, employment issues, tourism and hospitality
procedures, anti-trust rules, regulatory and agency compliance, and international
treaties into a guide for the travel industry. It is in place as a central source of legal
guidance for specific travel issues.
A seller of travel law can be in place in certain states and other travel regulatory
enterprises in other countries. If you are not a travel agent or working with a travel
agency, there could be restrictions. It depends on the following:
where you or your business are physically located
the physical location of the retreat
your clients’ place of residency
You can face fines and penalties if you don’t comply with their requirements or are not
authorized to sell travel. Restrictions vary from place to place; best to check with the
responsible local authorities. If you are not authorized to sell travel, you must work as
an independent contractor through a travel company.
Venue and supplier contracts
You need to be read carefully and negotiated. What is or is not included in their
cancelation policy, deposit amount, and dates?
Electronic Signatures
These are easy and practical, but are they legally binding? It depends on the platform
you are using and the proof they provide.
Does the platform send you proof of receipt?
Does the platform request initialing each page and a signature with a date at the
end of the contract?
Does the platform send you back the signed contract?
For additional security, request a picture identification to be scanned and returned to



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