The Power Of Manifestation In Groups With Emyrald Sinclaire

By Catherine Kontos@KontosCatherine

RB 20 Emyrald | Group Manifestation


Going on a retreat alone will give you results but not the results you want. But going with a group, you’ll be able to manifest much quicker and stronger. You’ll be able to manifest all that positive energy and bring it home with you. Join Catherine Kontos as she talks to Emyrald Sinclaire about group manifestations. Emyrald is an intuitive guide and love coach who helps women to connect with their true desires. Learn how she found her calling and why on love and relationships. Discover the power of retreating as a group versus going solo today!

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The Power Of Manifestation In Groups With Emyrald Sinclaire

Emyrald Sinclaire is an intuitive guide and love coach who helps women connect with the desires of their hearts and offers them practical tools to manifest the love of their lives and the life of their dreams. That sounds amazing. Welcome to the show, Emyrald.

Thank you. It is amazing. I am so happy to be here.

What a great job you have.

I am so blessed. Whenever I tell someone what I do, they are like. “That is amazing. Thank you for your work. That is so important.” It is definitely a spiritual calling what I do. I could not imagine doing anything else.

You know when people say, “Find something you love and make it into a job, make money with it.” That is what you did.

The quote of the expression is, “Find something you love doing, and you will never work a day in your life.”

That is what you are doing. Congratulations. Most people do not get that.

It takes a lot of courage. It is not just courage but having the ability to slow down, go with it, and find out, “What is right for me?” That is the first step. When someone figures that out, do they have the courage to move forward and honor themselves? It is a huge act of self-love.


RB 20 Emyrald | Group Manifestation
Group Manifestation: Before the age of seven, you’re not in the same brainwave state as you are when you’re an adult. When you’re a kid you’re in a subconscious state, meaning you don’t really have a filter for reality.


What you are doing is not a conventional type of work. It is very courageous and brave of you. You went for it. When did you start this? When did you get that awakening like, “I need to do this now?”

It was a few years ago. I had dissolved my partnership with my ex-business partner. We had a gluten-free, vegan cafe. It was more her dream than mine. It was incredibly challenging. There was lots of stress, lots of work, and very little money. In fact, I was going backward. When she and I dissolved our partnership, that is when it was, “What the heck am I going to do with my life?” A girlfriend of mine had a virtual assistant. She was like, “You could be a VA.” I started working with a woman. I was doing her marketing and emails but she was also a coach in Gina DeVee’s Divine Living Academy.

Through working with her, the door opened. Suddenly, I had a full roster of coaches that I was helping to build their businesses while they were learning how to create a coaching business that I am learning from them. I realized, “This coaching industry is amazing. I would like to be a coach as well.” That is the beginning of how things began. I haven’t looked back since.

What brought you into exactly this field that you are in? There is lots of coaching. You can coach about anything as long as you are trained and an expert. What is it that made you focus on the love energy aspect of it?

How the love aspect came about is when I was a kid in high school, my dad was not a hypnotherapist. That was when I started to learn about the power of the subconscious mind and how your thoughts create your reality and your belief systems create your reality. You belief systems are nothing more than thoughts you continue to think. However, I learned so much about the brain.

Before the age of seven, you are not in the same brainwave state as you are when you are an adult. We are much more in beta. We have a conscious mind we are able to filter, but when you are a kid, you are not there. You are in the imaginary state. You are in the subconscious state. You are down in the different brainwaves.

What that does is you do not have a filter for reality. You take it all in as true. That is why a child can bark like a dog for hours and pretend and think he is a dog. It is why kids believe in the Easter bunny and Santa Claus because you tell them it is so. Their brain is in a completely different way of interacting with the world. It is the reality of things. I started to learn about that as I go, “I have all of these stories in my mind from childhood.” I created these programs and want to change my programs but I could not seem to be able to do it. As a young woman, what do I want more than anything? I want your love. I wanted my person but my relationships were horrible.

It was one bad relationship after another. If we look at the story between mom and dad, multiple divorces, not a happy relationship, they got married so young, and they were struggling in their twenties. I took on all their drama, trauma, and issues around relationships, money, and business. You name it. I took it all on. It is the nature of the brain. What monkeys do is like how we survive. I wanted love.


Women have infinite potential and can manifest whatever they want, from the guy to their money. But it can’t come from a place of lack.


I understood the background of how the brain works. Throughout my entire twenties, I took a deep dive into my own exploration of trying to figure out, “I understand logically why my relationships are messed up but how do I practically change my mind so that I can have a healthy, happy relationship?” It took me about ten years to figure it out. At the same time that I was dissolving my partnership with my business partner, this coaching industry opened up to me. I had manifested an amazing partner and I was like, “This is what I meant to do. This is what I meant to teach.”

I had always felt like a teacher and a guide. I love teaching and helping. It has all opened up in such a beautiful way that I get to combine everything I am good at and love to do. As a woman who is always reading, searching, studying, and working with coaches, I get to take everything I learned from me and then teach it to others. I go through challenging, crappy situations. I apply my tools. It works. I teach it to others. It is so magical. That is how it is expanded from there beyond love. I have all of these programs on manifestation, for example, flirting, dating, energetic, intuition, connecting to the divine, and manifesting money, because it is all related internally.

As you can tell, I am so passionate about this. It is all related internally to that belief in yourself, that self-love. I knew this when I started my coaching business. I knew it was going to evolve into so much more because if it is truly about the guy or the girl, that is still a form of codependency. The business has expanded so much more to truly helping women and a few men but it tends to be women that I attract in. Helping women to understand their God-given power, that they are infinite, have infinite potential, and can manifest whatever they want, including the guy, the money, a retreat in a far-off location.

They can have it all but it can’t come from this place of lack. Meaning, “Once I get the guy, then I am complete. Once I have the money, then I am abundant. Once I manifest this amazing retreat, that means I am worthy.” No, you already are. Tapping into that innate power that you already have and manifesting from a place of abundance. That is the beginning and how it has expanded from there.

Emyrald, sign me up. I could listen to you for hours. You are such a great storyteller. You are engaging when you speak. Thank you so much for that. I was enthralled by everything you were saying. She is amazing. What made you get into the manifestation of things? You started specializing in the manifestation of all this stuff. I’ve got the gist of it but let’s get deeper into the manifestation.

The man I manifested was the impetus, the beginning of my coaching business. He and I were going through a challenging time a couple of years into my coaching business. It wasn’t feeling in alignment and wasn’t on my heart to be like, “I want to teach you how to manifest love when I am going through this challenging time with my partners.” It didn’t feel good and in alignment. It felt like, “This is the perfect time to take what I teach to manifest love and these principles of manifestation for everything.” My business was exploding. It was my first six-figure year. I was like, “Let’s create a course on how to manifest money.”

That is where it began. That is when I started branching out because now I was feeling so much more successful and confident with a couple of years under my belt. This is my five-step process of manifestation. This is how you can apply it to money because it is working for me. At that point, that is when things started to open up. In the last number of years, diving deep into spirituality, embracing my gifts of channeling, and being open about that is when the other courses have started to come in as well. In 2022, I am relaunching everything live and stringing it together in a beautiful order that makes sense as far as manifestation and conscious creation.


RB 20 Emyrald | Group Manifestation
Group Manifestation: People tend to manifest much quicker and more powerfully together. When their minds are focused on the same goal. So if you’ve got 4, 6, 8, 10 people coming together, the results will be better.


I am a completely different woman than I have been when all of these courses have come out. It has been a natural, intuitive growth and expansion of me being able to offer my gifts to the world and knowing that it is so much more than the guy. You deserve to have it all. The only thing standing in your way are any stories that you are telling yourself, which is why we go in and reprogram the subconscious mind.

Coaching gives you that accountability to have that vision of where you are going and tell the story of what you want, instead of the story of what is or what has been. What is also past tense as well. It is the manifestation of what you were in the past is what you have now but this is past tense. We have got to be focusing on where we are going.

When did you include retreats in your business? What was it that made you choose that type of teaching or coaching?

The first retreat I did was in my early twenties. When I was 22, I moved to Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I lived there from 22 to 28 but I was still traveling and doing retreats. When I moved to Ecuador, I befriended a couple who owned a retreat center. His name is Brian O’Leary. He was the husband’s counterpart. I had the exact same voice and name as his daughter. We hit it off. He was a challenging scientist, astronaut smart man but for some reason, he and I jived well. I started running his retreat center, and then that is when I started putting on other people’s retreats, doing my own. I started working with girlfriends to put on yoga retreats in Costa Rica.

I did my own nutritionist retreats in Florida but also Ecuador. I started doing retreats with my parents, who were also yogis, hypnotherapists, and healers. It happened naturally. The universe was like, “Here you get, go.” I started doing it. Now that I am in Tulum, I have been focusing on private retreats. I have done some private retreats while I am here. That is not to say I wouldn’t do some bigger person retreats but that has been what I have been enjoying and focusing upon.

You are a veteran in the retreat space.

I know all about it. I know about how you can lose a whole bunch of money on retreats. I know about how it can be hard but I know about how it can be so amazing when the right group of women comes together, the transformation and healing that happens in that container when you remove yourself. Let’s talk about energetically from your norm.

You plop yourself down in a brand new space that has clean energy or if you are in Tulum or somewhere with high energy but here, it has intensified manifesting energy. It is why I love doing retreats and intensives here. Whatever you put into the vortex, it is going to manifest or your crap is going to come up so you can see and clear it. I am a veteran and believe so much in the power of the retreat.


Retreats are amazing because transformation truly happens when you remove yourself from your norm.


You and I talked about this on Instagram but the challenge being, “How do you then take that energy from the retreat back home?” Some people are great at it and some people struggle with it. It depends on the person or even the type of retreat but energetically, people fall back into their patterns when they go back home because the energy sticks there.

We have to be the ones to be responsible for mixing things up, bringing in the energy from the retreat, the habits, the new patterns, and belief systems back home. I do not know if you do this but with my clients, I always give them follow-up support after a retreat because that is how we are going to integrate all of the changes that you experienced.

Before you said it, I was like, “Yes.” There needs to be a follow-up. Unfortunately, a lot of people do create retreats, and they do not necessarily have the experience or the training to do so. That is the time when they lose money and their clients after the retreat, nothing happened. People do not realize that’s what is happening. They think, “We are having fun during the retreat,” but it is about creating that impactful transformation that lasts beyond the 4, 5, and 7 days that you are there. Thank you for bringing that up. One of the reasons why I asked you to be on this show is because you told me that you could create, with the energy of the group, a group manifestation. Let’s talk about that. How can someone create such a change in the manifestation world within a retreat?

Think and Grow Rich is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to money consciousness, where I first learned about the power of the mastermind, the mastermind being whenever more than one mind comes together. Two minds are a mastermind. I see this happen with my clients all the time with them in their partners. They manifest much quicker and more powerfully together when their minds are focused on the same goal. I experienced this with partners, friends, etc.

If you have got 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 people coming together and focusing on either the same manifestation, which there have been lots of books and studies have shown how. When Buddhist monks pray or meditate over water, it cleans it or praying and meditating, the crime drops in New York City or Washington DC during the time that they are meditating. There have been so many studies that prove the power of collective consciousness when we are all focusing on the same thing. When you think about a group of women coming together, for example, let’s say every single woman has her goal, her manifestation that she wants to create.

Let’s say the facilitator is reading and guiding them all through a guided meditation where they are all focusing on this one woman’s manifestation. They are all seeing it. They are all feeling it. They are all holding that intention for her. That power is amplified by so much more than eight. Let’s say there were eight women there. It is multiplied by 8,000. Let’s say you go around the circle, and hold that same vision and intention for each and every woman in the group and the circle. That is so incredibly powerful.

What I have also done with clients before, as a group, was not a retreat setting but it was a manifesting group that I was hosting. We showed up at the party as our future selves. Meaning we were speaking as if the things had already manifested. Everybody gets to feed off of each other. You are playing make believe but think about it. You are making yourself believe it. The only reason you do not manifest anything you want is you do not believe you can have it. If you make yourself believe it, eventually, it is going to manifest.

I want to tell you a little story about myself because about the subject that we are talking about, manifesting love. I did manifest my husband. To the tee, I had written down after a bad relationship like, “What am I doing wrong here?” I started writing everything down. I am talking about, “I wanted him to have a university degree.” For whatever reason, that was one of them. When I met him, I had no idea what he was. I said, “I want him to be a computer geek but a jock at the same time or an athlete.” He is that. It was down to his personality, everything.

RB 20 Emyrald | Group Manifestation
Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

When he appeared to me, I had no idea of all this information. We were attracted to each other,but then when I started getting to know him, I thought back to that night when I wrote everything down. I kept it there. I looked at it one time after that but no matter what, I put it out there in the universe. This man appeared two months after I wrote this. I always look back at it and said, “If I ever manifested anything, that one is so clear.” Sometimes you say, “I always wanted it,” but you never necessarily wrote it down. I still have that paper.

That is one of the steps I have my clients do because it is so beautiful to go back and see that sheet of paper and be like, “I manifested this. Look how powerful I am.”

It has happened to me often because I am a manifester as well but I don’t necessarily teach it as you do. I just am. I know it happens. That is why I love this conversation. I wasn’t sure how you do it in groups in this case. I love what you said, “Showing up as your future self,” is awesome. That is fun too. It is playing. You are role playing. I do find the energy that a group can create is so impactful. That is one of the great things about retreats. It is beyond what you are only doing for yourself but that energy combined creates such magic.

It does. They are so powerful.

What are your plans for Tulum? What are you doing there?

I am going to hit the road and do some traveling. At least that is my intention. I am so open to the guidance of the universe. I have made a strong commitment to myself that I am following what feels right to me. I have made a bunch of plans but in 2021, I was in Ecuador. I was going back to the US. I had no idea that in two months, I would be packing up all of my belongings and road tripping around the US for four months in my Jeep. I didn’t know, I would be selling my Jeep and my belongings and moving to Mexico. I thought my plans were travel for nine months, and then I was planning to move back to Tulum to get a residency. What supersedes that is that I am so dedicated to following what feels right.

That, to me, is my intuition and my higher self, and the universe saying, “Go this way,” because I am so committed to how life feels. I want to feel good. I want to feel satisfied. I want to feel happy. I want to feel in love. I want to feel abundant. I want to feel in the flow. My plan for my last months in Tulum is to enjoy it, to release my courses that are coming out on intuition and connecting to the universe, on flirting and the dating, which is I am going to lead into the manifest love course. I might have a couple more private client intensives. That is an offering out there in the universe. That is in alignment. Just enjoy, Tulum is such a magical place. I know the last months are going to go by so quickly.

Where can people find you?

I love Instagram. That’s you, and I connected and deepened our connection. I am on Instagram quite a bit and always documenting my travels and stories. I have my own podcast, Manifest it All. We have new episodes every Wednesday. I have a book, Destination: Soulmate, if people want to go through the book on their own to learn how to manifest love, and then Facebook group. I am on InsightTimer, YouTube, and the website. I am everywhere once could be because my mission is to reach as many people as possible.

You are amazing. I love your personality. You are a joy to listen to. I get why people resonate, come to you, listen, and follow because you are very interesting. You lead a very interesting life, the way everybody should lead their life, whatever their choices are in their life, and what their loves. You are a great role model for that. Thank you so much for taking the time and being here, leading this conversation to great topics and stuff that my reader will use. I really appreciate your time here.

Thank you for having me. I had such a beautiful time.


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About Emyrald Sinclaire

RB 20 Emyrald | Group ManifestationEmyrald Sinclaire is an intuitive guide and love coach who helps women to connect with the true desires of their hearts offers them the courage and accountability to follow through and take action on their dreams and gives them the practical tools in order to manifest the love of their lives and the life of their dreams!

You can find her travelling the world, sharing her wisdom on her podcast, Manifest it ALL, and creating real-life magic along the way!



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