The Retreat Roadmap

Step by Step Retreat Planning Course

Join our budget-friendly course for wellness pros, planners, and aspiring retreat leaders. Break free from time constraints, embark on a step-by-step journey from idea to post-retreat. Bid farewell to unfilled retreats, marketing woes, pricing dilemmas, and liability fears. Confidently fulfill your passion project with the right tools for exceptional retreats.

You Might Be Asking Yourself

  • How can I plan a retreat that truly resonates with my target audience and ensures a successful turnout?
  • Am I equipped with the right marketing techniques to promote my retreat and reach potential participants?
  • How do I set the perfect price for my retreat that ensures profitability without deterring potential attendees?
  • What legal and liability aspects do I need to consider when planning a retreat, and how can I navigate them effectively?
  • Can I truly bring my retreat vision to life, with an online self-paced course?

If This Sounds Like You, You Are In The Right Place!

Look no further. Drawing upon a decade of invaluable experience within this transformative industry and having empowered thousands of satisfied clients, Catherine has crafted a course tailored just for you Embark on a journey with Catherine, where she distills her wealth of experience into actionable insights. Learn how to amplify your profits through strategic retreats, sidestep common beginner pitfalls, and revel in the joy of guiding your clients towards a more meaningful and enriched life.

Profit From Your First Ticket Sale

If you envision augmenting your practice’s success with lucrative, transformative retreats, then this course is your golden ticket.

In the next few days and weeks, gain a comprehensive roadmap empowering you to independently plan impactful retreats! From mastering marketing strategies, skillful budgeting, strategic pricing, to seamless post-retreat practices — acquire the essential toolkit for planning your upcoming retreats effortlessly.


What You Will Receive

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11-module course of video + text lessons the oretical and practical knowledge & quizzes.

Valued at: 1500$

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A spot in the RetreatBoss Directory where you can network and get hired for retreats globally.

Valued at: 500$

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Lifetime access to the course! Always have access to all the templates and strategies.

Valued at: 3500$

Oportunity to become an affiliate

100 pages worth of templates to always feel supported and organized.

Valued at: 1000$

Regular price $777 USD

Who This Course is For



  • Yoga + Fitness Coaches
  • Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Spiritual Leaders & Healers
  • Business Coaches 
  • Travel planners
  • Event Planners
  • Venue Owners
  • Retreat Leaders launch your first retreat!

And any other wellness entrepreneurs who wish to add retreats to their business, increase their income and grow their client base.

By the end of the course, you will

What You Will Learn

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Step-by-Step Strategies on
Launching a Retreat

All your questions on “how to” will be replaced with proven strategies for success
  • Create a detailed roadmap from the beginning to the end of the retreat. This includes venue, transport, food
  • Building a timeline for your retreat deadlines.
Bonus The RB’s Master Planer includes:
  • Retreat Timeline Planning Checklist: Pre-Retreat, OnSite, Post-Retreat Planning.
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Creating a Retreat Agenda that Impacts your Guests

No more headaches. Stay focused on your program not ythe details with all the templates to keep you organized
  • Find the ideal venue and experiences for your program
  • Build an impactful agenda that your clients will love
Bonus The RB´s Master Planner Includes:
  • Attendee and Room Distribution List
  • Experiences Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Packing Checklist
  • Reservations Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Retreat Agenda Template
  • Venue Selection Checklist
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Pricing Your Retreate and Scaling your Business Post Retreat

  • Develop a pricing strategy multiply your earnings
  • Negotiate better deals with suppliers, clients, and vendor to increase your profit
  • Retreat for Free with sponsors and collaborators
  • Strategies on scaling your business to multiple figures during the retreat
  Bonus The RB´s Master Planner Includes:
  • Pricing for Profit Worksheet
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Retreat Marketing
Get Sold Out!

  • Increase your leads and save money & time on marketing
  • Strategies on using the momentum to market your retreats so you sell-out!
  • Build a strong online presence your target will love and trust
  Bonus The RB´s Master Planner Includes:
  • Marketing checklist – Promotional Calendar
  • A Guest Online Application that attracts the most engaged participants
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Legal Aspects: Reduce your Liabilities

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Building a Community With Your Ideal Clients

  • Find the ideal client that celebrates you and each other
  • Create a community of your most loyal customers that want to promote you without even you asking!
  • Easily track customer satisfaction
  Bonus The RB´s Master Planner Includes:
  • Attendee Satisfaction Questionnaire Template

What People Are Saying

Patricia Ward Wellness travel coach RetreatBoss graduate

Agnesia 13 1 copy
Agnesia Agrella Business Architect | Change Specialist

Retreats are an extremely competitive market and having somebody with so much experience guiding me through the planning process has been invaluable. It has helped me to really focus on two or three areas at a time. It assisted me to identify the most important tasks that will ensure success when I launch the retreats.

bwf persuader client 2 1
Joel Berger Retreat Venue Owner & Operator

I thank you for all your help throughout these years: your constant assistance and collaboration had a great impact on the growth of my company.

Dillon Randolph Physician assistant

I have made tremendous strides and steps forward. It's going to be so useful to take everything I learned and put into action.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I see a return in investment from taking this course.

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You should see ROI with your first ticket sale. The rest of your ticket sales will cover your retreat costs and your profit.

Yes you can! Retreat hosts can hire you to plan their retreat. Also, if you get certified with RetreatBoss you will be qualified to bereferred clients by us as well.

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Can I be hired as a planner

How will I make money as an affiliate or parther?

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When you refer a new client to any of our courses. You will get 15% of the net sale. If certified you can make from 30% to 70% on retreat planning services through our collaboration if chosen for mentorship. For more details discuss with Catherine.

Yes. You will be given strategies on how to reduce liability, as well as waivers. Those who take the RetreatBoss™ Mastering Retreats program will have access to legal contract templates (worth 5000$)

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Can you help us with liability prevention?

Is there money to be made in retreats and is it the right time to retreat?

Chakra 6

100% YES! The wellness industry and travel is the fastest growing industry producing trillions of dollars and there is no slowing it down. It will be the hottest and trendiest way to travel in the next many years to come as shown in research conducted from the Wellness Organizations across the world.

Can I be hired as a planner : Yes you can! Retreat hosts can hire you to plan their retreat. Also, if you get certified with RetreatBoss you will be qualified to be referred clients by us as well.

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How much time do I need to invest?

Will you help us price our retreats?

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Yes. You will be offered strategies and templates on how to price your retreats and make a 5-figure profit.

Yes. The courses consist of theoretical and practical experience. You can build a fictional or actual retreat as you go through the course. We also provide templates and checklists that you can use throughout your planning process. No stone has been left unturned.

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Will the course help with creating a retreat agenda and a promotional timeline?

Can I be a RetreatBoss™ Preferred Leader?

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No. Only those who get certified with the Mastery Retreat Program are eligible for that designation.

It is delivered 100% online with a combination of video, text, templates, practical and theoretical exercises and quizzes. The entire course and each strategy can be implemented into your business from Day 1!

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How is the course delivered?

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