Reinventing your Business with a Mastermind with Luba Sakharuk

By Catherine Kontos@KontosCatherine


Welcome back to RetreatBoss The Podcast where we dive into the art of living boldly and explore the dynamics of personal growth, career advancement, and the power of taking a well-deserved pause. I’m your host, Catherine Kontos, and in today’s episode, we’re speaking
with the ever-inspiring Luba Sakharuk.

Luba is becoming a marvel in the realm of retreats and masterminds, with an infectious passion for women’s empowerment and increasing credibility. We’ll unravel her journey from organizing corporate offsites in the tech industry to launching her own transformative retreats. Luba will share the triumphs and challenges of her retreats from the mansions in South Florida to her vision for future retreats in exotic locations like Costa Rica.

We’ll uncover the strategies that helped Luba achieve the astounding success of a recent sold-out retreat with 18 attendees and the clever marketing moves that turned initial losses into future profitable ventures. Luba reminisces about the barriers she faced and the creative solutions
she found.

But it’s not just about the numbers. At the heart of it all, Luba’s story is about building a community of supportive, like-minded women and fostering relationships that extend beyond the retreat.

So, buckle up, and let’s get ready to be inspired, learn the financial logistics of organizing successful retreats, and discover the potential tax benefits that come with them. This is Moxie, and if you’re looking to fuel your entrepreneurial drive or simply seeking a dose of inspiration, join us for an episode you won’t want to miss with Luba Sakharuk. Don’t forget to check out more of her work and upcoming retreats at . Now, let’s get started.

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Reinventing your Business with a Mastermind with Luba Sakharuk


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Here is your host, Catherine Kontos.

Hi, this is Retreat Boss and we’re back with an amazing guest today. Her name is Luba Sakharuk. Did I say that right? 


Okay. And she’s been in the tech industry for the past 20 years or so. So what is she doing on RetreatBoss? Well, let me tell you earlier this year, we got to talk and one thing led to another.

She came into the RetreatBoss program, wanted to start doing retreats her way because she’s been doing them for 20 years, but for others in her corporate space. But this time she wanted to do it for herself. And it went from like, “Oh my God, I’m not selling a spot” to “I’m hosting seven more retreats this year.”

So I can’t wait for people to hear your story. Because it is literally what everybody goes through, except some people just stop, they give up, you didn’t, you change your [00:02:00] strategy. And then it literally, I think, transformed your entire business.

It did.

So, welcome to the show. I’m so excited to have you and tell your story because it’s such a, it’s an incredible story. I can’t wait for people to hear it. 

It’s a good story. I can’t argue with you. It’s an awesome story. Alright,  where would you like me to start? 

So, okay, so what, first, what was it that made you make that decision? Shift from I’m doing it for my corporates, you know, my corporates, my company that I work for at the time to I want to do this for myself because there’s a need for something that I want to do a passion project like usually it is. What was that first seed? 

Yeah, so my role in the tech space was never an event planner by no means. But I was in a position where I would organize offsites and I would help organize large offsites. And then when I was in a leadership role and I [00:03:00] had folks under me and my peer was, um, a director of program management, that was a director of agile transformation.

We had 22 people among us and our boss. So then I took it upon myself to organize. It’s an offsite in the corporate world. That’s what they’re called, but you rent the space and you come up with a detailed agenda and you want to have some outcomes. You want people to walk away with certain things. You want people to learn and grow, um, share with each other.

And so this concept of organizing events, I saw the value. I saw my professional growth when I started going to various leadership retreats and they would bring guest speakers. From various walks of lives. And it just made a huge difference. So the whole concept of going someplace else from your day to day to innovate, to grow, to come up with various ideas, maybe even have [00:04:00] clarity on your career.

I see the benefit in, in taking a break from the day to day. 


Change of scenery. And so I loved it. And the difference was in the corporate world. It was very easy because I have a corporate card and yes, I have a budget, but it’s not my bank account, not my savings. Um, and legally everybody is covered.

I don’t have to worry about anything related to legal stuff and, when I decided, it’s not that I decided to shift from that to that. I’m still in the corporate world, but what I decided to do, I wrote the book and I took eight women from the tech space on the journey. And then that led me to creating a course.

And when I created the course, I started thinking, okay, let me have a mentorship program. So then I would have Tuesday calls every Tuesday, live calls with all the women coming in and having discussions. [00:05:00] And so sometime in February of this year, I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to finish 2023 with a bang and organize a retreat, mastermind, I thought of it as a retreat at that particular moment.

Everyone who went through my mentorship program and anybody else who would want to join us. So. That’s when I reached out to you because to me, the scary part was, well, do I hire a lawyer? Like, and I know some people say, Oh, that’s the easy part, but nothing is easy when you haven’t done it. And so I reached out and I’m like, do I need a waiver?

Like I need a, like, I don’t want people to sue me if something goes wrong. And I’m a very positive person, but very pragmatic. And so I started thinking and kind of putting things. Together I rented a beautiful mansion on the water in Fort Lauderdale and the rest is history. So that’s how that particular one came into the picture.

Yeah. So.

I remember [00:06:00] when you first approached me, you’re like, I just need the legal stuff. Cause I don’t know, you know, I want to be sure and all of that stuff. And it’s like, okay, let’s do it, take whatever you need. But what was interesting is, you know, like, there was an evolution to you and I find, and there was this one meeting that we had together and I literally changed, saw you change from like frustration to like, okay, right.

Because you could talk about that moment because I saw it, I felt it. I, and I feel like from that moment on, everything’s kind of sort of fell into place. And I think it had to do also with the difference in, in your mind shift of doing corporate events. To these events right? You’re like, it’s my first one.

It’s not your first one. I remember talking to you. It’s not your first one you’ve done. 


You just have it on your own. Right. 

Yeah, absolutely. So there were multiple shifts in my brain. So that one, yes, I, I was [00:07:00] looking at various checklists. Um, it gave me confidence because when you don’t, you don’t know what you don’t know.

So like you assume maybe that, you know, there’s some gotchas here and there. And so like, I was looking at the checklist. I’m like, okay. This is clear. This is clear. This is clear. So that gave me confidence like, okay, like I’ve done this stuff. So like it’s fine. Like it’s a little bit different But it’s okay.

Like I got this. The shift that made me go from, I had multiple. So there was one shift where you said this one line and you basically said, listen, by the time you have your first retreat, you should like look ahead and have at least one more planned out. And that people see. 

Little did I know.

So next thing I know it’s like, Well, I want to do one here, and then I want to do one there, and then I want to do one there, and I have this incredible [00:08:00] assistant, and because I still have the corporate job, I have my phone, and I have a voxer, which is like a walkie talkie. This is how we communicate. So I might be like going upstairs to the kitchen to grab lunch and I’ll be like, Hey Erin.

So I was thinking, um, I want to do a couple more. So, can you update the webpage? I’m thinking Tulum, Mexico, like, you know, April 3rd through seven. Then I want to do one in Nashville and somehow like this little things, they add it up. And next thing I know it’s like, okay, but what about that one? What about that one? And now we’re up to seven. 

You weren’t selling any spots. First, how long did it take? Two months before you started selling? And then it just went crazy. 

No, it took, it took much longer. but… So I had this vision. This was another thing that was a huge shift in my mind, like strategically, right, how to make my vision, [00:09:00] um, come to life.

So the vision was to offer this retreat to women, to boost their credibility, and offer it at no cost to them. And let me kind of pull that apart a little bit. So I’m a woman in tech and I know that there’s learning and development budget in the tech space. And I also know that women. Often do not invest in themselves.

We pay for everybody else, right? Those dance lessons and skiing and this and that, and everybody, but yourself. So I thought I had this vision that this retreat with before women in the tech space and the learning and development budget will cover it. This is where the shift had to happen. And this is what I was fighting for months.

And then I was like, why am I fighting it? Every discovery call I had. There would be a woman entrepreneur and she would say I would absolutely Want to teach. Can I also be a [00:10:00] trainer like everybody wanted to be a trainer? 

Yeah, because we’re giving that’s.

We’re giving 

That’s in our nature 

We’re giving so everybody wanted to give give give and I keep and I kept thinking okay Like it’s great.

I have this lineup of trainers, but like nobody’s actually like paying for anything. How am I going to cover the sixteen thousand dollar cost of this thing that I’m organizing? Um, then somebody said that they were gonna pitch me for a grant. And, it was an interesting journey as well. Um, the grant fell through. She’s pitching me again for this June and so sure that I’m gonna get it.

I hope so. That would be nice. 

This woman who pitched me, she did come to our retreat for networking dinners. She saw this, and she was just so mesmerized, and she just loved the women who were there who are all givers. That’s the thing. So the way I managed financially to bring this event and have so much [00:11:00] fulfillment for so many people, including myself, like my, my heart was full of joy.

Reinventing your Business with a Mastermind:

I offered a fair exchange. To quite a few women, so I couldn’t let everybody go at no exchange to them. I gave one scholarship where the woman went. She does so much for her family and supports like 13 adults and pays for kids to go to school in Africa, and just, I really wanted her to be there.

So one person went, a full scholarship, nothing, nothing expected in return, you just, you go, you join, you learn, you grow. Um, then others would give their services. So like a life coach gave an eight-week program to the rest of the women. So, for eight weeks prior to the retreat, she was working with folks to unpack their vision, their goals, their desires in life.

It was beautiful to watch, like relationships were being made. Even before people went to the retreat. And then [00:12:00] others like someone who creates online programs, like people were giving their services and in return for being there at no cost to them. Now, when I reached seven people for a fair exchange and one person with a full scholarship, I had to put a stop to it.

There was somebody who said something, and it just kind of also made me think of it, in a different way. Uh, and they said, why don’t you turn it from a retreat to a mastermind? And that’s also like, ’cause it’s the little steps, right? Like it’s a journey. And what happened then? I said, okay, how can I make it?

So that it’s, as far as retreats and masterminds go, it’s the cheapest way for people. And at the same time, I remembered all of your worksheets. And at the same time, how can I make it so that the retreat is covered? So, for me, the purpose of that one was not to make a profit. It was [00:13:00] very strategically done.

I wanted to break even, but I wanted to have this proof of concept that this is something that is of value and that people would find beneficial. And so I had, um, four people without even blinking, paid $2,500 for a single room, and what they would get in return they got raw footage of themselves speaking on stage.

They got professional photos. They got my mentorship of them speaking. We had brainstorming sessions. What is it that they would actually share? Uh, we had images of the fact that they’re trainers, and so we blasted all over social media. 

Yeah, I saw you did a great job. Yeah, did a fantastic job at presenting the ladies.

Yeah. And so like, uh, and then I offered strategic introductions and partnerships even before they went there. So they, I have all these testimonials where it [00:14:00] was worth every penny for them. Because if you think about entrepreneurs, not women in tech, but folks who have businesses, it’s a marketing expense.

But at the same time, you spent four days at this beautiful mansion. With the most amazing women, it went from… we had a chief technical officer, we had someone who retired from the military who served in Iraq, the stories that were shared, the wisdom. It was just out of this world. 

So the value that people got, it’s like vacation, but mastermind, but mind blowing but also sharing your expertise and marketing and strategic introductions. And so that kind of went, okay, so I had, you know, four women, um, pay $2,500, another four paid $2,000 to share the room, and they all got a lot of value out of it, and it was to them like, worth so much and more. 

And it’s a write-off because of a business retreat. So it was a write-off, and there’s actually another podcast with Michael. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that one where he talks; he’s an accountant, and we spoke about how to write off retreats. So, this is actually a perfect setup for a write-off. So, really, what does it cost them in the end? Think about that.

It’s a business success. Amazing. 

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So what, what was it that didn’t make you give up? Because I saw your frustration, you weren’t selling out. And then, you know, you did that pivot in mindset. What do you think it was that kept you saying, I’m going to stick because this is a very entrepreneurial thing to do.

And I know what your answer is going to be, but I want people to hear that because someone who’s new at doing this, it’s their first; they don’t realize it is a business. It’s not just a retreat. It’s a business, or it’s a service add-on to your business. And for someone who’s never done anything like this probably I don’t know a yoga teacher or coach or whatever. Maybe even you know, like they’re not sure how to do it.  Like how to do this and not give up when nobody’s signing up. What was it that didn’t make you give up and say?

Okay. No, I can’t do this. I’m backing out.

So there were a couple of things. So first of all, In this case, it was a couple of things. First of all, I saw the excitement of the women. Like you see people seeing value in it and counting days and forming [00:17:00] relationships I met women that I have not met in person and like you forget that through this Zoom, sometimes it’s like wait, have we ever met in person?

Have had many women from all walks of life? I had women who were in my writing cohort three years ago when I wrote my memoir. I had women who I worked with, like in the corporate world. I had women that I met over a couple of Zoom sessions. And they were building relationships. So, now people don’t know what goes into it.

So, from their point of view, it’s a done deal. They have no idea what my financial struggles are at this point. So there were a couple of things, I think around July or so, I had to make, maybe even August, I had to make a very tough decision and I had a verbal agreement with a photographer who charged $3,000 for the services.

And I had to reach out, and I [00:18:00] had to say, I am sorry. Like I just have, I cannot afford this financially right now. It’s not being sold out. Now, I decided that no matter what, I will not cancel. I was actually going to go into my savings. 

I remember you telling me that.

And I know you hated every moment of that.

No, you’re not like. 

Like you can’t do this, but so I found this woman. I was actually looking for a female photographer because it was for women. Um, my original photographer was not a woman because the first one that I actually kind of made that agreement. So, I would have to cover the hotel and everything else.

And so I then was like, okay, let me find a local woman And let me see if we can do a fair exchange. Now I did offer when I found her, she was incredible and I kind of gave her the options within seconds. She said oh, I want to do the fair exchange. You don’t have to pay me. I want to be there with the women. I want to be part of this retreat [00:19:00]. So that’s like one thing that helps, right?

So like, lower the cost. Um, but I also told myself, you know, when you wrote the book, the second one, and you did the book launch. It was $5,000. It was a marketing expense on my part. So it was a write-off for me. So I said, okay, so say it doesn’t sell out, and I have to put up 5k, I’m going to look at it as a business expense on my part.

Because for me, at that point, I did not have any photos, and I didn’t have any testimonials of the retreat. Yes. Yeah. There are many people, you know, telling the world how wonderful I am, but in a very different context. 

Yes. Yes.

Right. So, for me, it was my learning opportunity. Then I thought, you know, like when we have birthday parties.

We splurge, we bring friends, like, so I said, okay, well, guess what? It’s like nothing. It’s nothing different [00:20:00] than a marketing expense plus a gathering of friends. So I told myself it’s going to be for me. It’s my investment. I want all these women there, and I want to have a good time, and we’re going to have a good time.

And, but that was after like a few people paid. So it wasn’t like I was gonna put up 16 K, you know, um, And then this is the interesting part. When you start relaxing and kind of going, okay, you know what? There’s no going back. Like I’m doing it, and I want to do it, and I’m passionate about it and I see everyone else is so excited about it.

And I just, I, I just relaxed, and I said, you know what? It is what it is. If I have to put up some money, it’s fine. Three days, uh, before I was actually at a different mastermind, not the one I organized somewhere else. And one of the trainer’s friends of like 35 years, so one of the posts and she reached out [00:21:00] and I had a very tough policy.

Like, I actually had to say no to a couple of people. That’s another thing. 

Important. Very important. 

Right. I think I, I think I had this conversation with you because, on the one hand, you want, you want it to be covered financially. On the other hand, you need to preserve the energy because you have a vision of how it should be.

And um, so I had to say no to a couple of people. And so this woman reached out after the introduction, and she said, I know. I know you, we haven’t met. I know you don’t know me, but, like, I promise I’m not a troublemaker. Like this is where I am in my career. Like I will not screw it up for you. I swear.

I’ve been friends, you know, with this woman for 35 years. Um, and like, I just love her. Like, you know, within the five minutes, like It wasn’t even like a Zoom because I was in the middle of nowhere. So, it was a phone conversation in the parking lot. Um, and in a couple of days she [00:22:00] bought a ticket and she flew in and she joined me, but her coming in completely covered the cost and even made it a bit profitable in the end.


And I’m talking about three days before. 

Yeah. You know, the, the key things that I see in here, which is again, very, you know, the first time. I’m doing something that takes over. And then once that fear leaves, and you gain that confidence, then literally everything changes.

And then the other mindset switch for you was. When you decided, like I’m letting go of all of that, I’m letting go of all those fears and whatever, even when you did have the confidence, you were still kind of scared inside, right? And then when you let go of all that fear and your mind, and you said, I’m going to sit back, and I’m going to enjoy this no matter what happens.


Everything kind of flowed to you because your focus changed. And now you’re looking at the, you know, gratitude and good things and whatever versus the little stuff that’s in the back of your head saying, Oh, you can’t do it. You can’t do it. What do you think? We think you’re the expert. No, you’re [00:23:00] not. Right. 

There’s always that voice. 

Yes, I am. So I really, really love that. Um, you know, did you? You said you found a few people. One of the big things that I always coach is about community. So, what did you have to do to build your community to get this going? I know you said, you know, it was people that wanted to be, you know, training and giving, but where did you go to find this community of women that would be willing to, first of all, you had the leaders, but also be part of this mastermind.

How did you build that for yourself? 

Well, in general, because I’ve been in the corporate space for so long, and I am very, um open, and I have to say I think a little bit of me doing the TEDx talk helped. Because this woman who signed up at the last moment, she didn’t know me, right? I mean it was just, you know, through a friend. But the first thing she said when she got on a call, she said oh my god, I heard your TEDx talk, and I [00:24:00] I loved it so much. And I talk about… What you… to boost your credibility you have to share you have to show up.

So a lot of it. I knew many women. But you know me telling out there once that I’m doing it didn’t do the trick. But I was very consistent with what I posted on LinkedIn, what I posted in whatever channels I had going. And so, you know, people say… like they say people need to hear something seven times um, and I saw that. Like some trigger would go off. And also a different set of events.

So, I had two women who… they really wanted to go, but they couldn’t because they had prior commitments. Well, they were big like traveling and something fell through. And although it was kind of sad for them in that particular moment, because they really were looking forward to it.

The fact that they had this as an option. Like it was interesting that it happened within a couple of weeks. Right. And so, like when one calls you and says, listen, something just happened, I no longer have that thing going on. Do you still have a spot? And I’m like, Oh my God, I am giving this person an opportunity to like not to be sad about the other thing, but be excited for this.

Yeah. And That was awesome. So it was the people that I’ve known all along, but they just couldn’t but now they had seen it for months. I think that’s what it is. It’s the consistency like they’ve seen it for months, and you never know what will click with people.

And you know, what I know is because you know I follow, I follow right, you know I try to follow the best I can where and when. I remember at one point I’m like, I don’t see your posts, and you’re like, what do you mean you don’t see them? I didn’t see them and then I saw you gearing up, you know, but uh I remember following, and the thing is, even if you think nobody’s watching or clicking [00:26:00] likes or commenting, they are still seeing it. Yeah.

You know, you’ll see all 500 views, a thousand views, 5,000 views, whatever it is, they’re seeing it. Okay. And, you know, we say, like, I remember one point you’re like, is it too early? I go, no, it’s not too early. You’re, you’re priming them. You’re placing seeds in their head. Cause they need to see it multiple, multiple times.

And then it’s sort of like it kind of creates a snowball effect, and I actually gave you as an example not too many days ago as to, you know, with someone that’s like, Oh, I haven’t had enough signups yet. I’m like, yeah, but it doesn’t happen right away. You know, you have to just keep showing up and she just needs like three more, you know, and, and you’ll see it’ll work.

So, you know, like that’s what’s happening there. But, you know, like people think it’s going to happen at the minute. Great. If you launch and you have a sold-out retreat. That’s amazing. And that happens, too. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. It sells out quickly. Other times it takes longer, but now I know you’ve launched a few others. You were launching other retreats.

I [00:27:00] remember the one in Lunenburg if I’m not mistaken. 

That was not me. I am doing well. 

Okay, tell me what retreats you are launching now because they are up, right? And you’re launching more, I know, in the background. 

Yes, so there are two that are coming up. Um, one is in Tulum, Mexico, April 3rd through 7th. And one in Nashville, May 1st through 5th. So those are, like, the registration is actually open. Oh, you know, there’s one in LinkedIn, I don’t have the registration up yet, and that’s in Vilnius, Lithuania. That’s the only international one that I decided to do, but because that one generated so much excitement, I did not expect that.

And then there’s one in New Hampshire in October, and I’m also looking at Costa Rica. Either end of September or first week of December, but then in November I rented exactly the same two mentions that I, uh, did this past November because it was so [00:28:00] good that I’m like, okay, I got it. I got to do a repeat.

So, that’s what’s happening. 



What I want to know, first of all, you mentioned, because I want people to get to know you, first of all. I think your masterminds got amazing reviews, and that’s what I like seeing and you’re actually my first client who’s taken my program that’s on my podcast.

I’ve never interviewed anybody before from within my program. You’re the first one because I find your story will be so helpful to those people who are starting off in this business. Okay, and you’re gonna get you’re gonna inspire them, right? 

I hope so. 

Yeah, plus I do want to support you with all your retreats coming up because I think they’re phenomenal.

So, number one, what’s the book and course? Can people take that? Or is that closed? Like, is that something that you’re still doing? 

Well, the course and the book, which is a very tech space, it’s change management, it’s leadership, [00:29:00] it’s digital transformations, has nothing to do with the retreats.

However, if you are into that space, all the retreats in general, like the theme is to boost your credibility. How do you boost your credibility? By showing up, and sharing, right? People need to know who you are. Uh, for the courses, what happens is when people go through the course, they get a certification so they can post it on LinkedIn and share with the world that they took a course on digital transformation, change management, leadership, whatever that is.

So the courses are there. I’m happy to share the links. Um, but again, it’s a, it is kind of unique where my masterminds are for everybody.


Well, women, I am focusing on women, 


Women, but I will consider opening up, uh, the international one. So, the wellness one is for everybody. Uh, but Tulum and Nashville are [00:30:00] still women.

And you’re the name of your TEDx talk?

Beyond diplomas, five ways to boost your credibility

Okay. So people look her up, look at, you know, they got to get to know you, right? They, you know, when you go to retreat, they’re gonna spend time with you. Who are you? Why should I spend time with you? Right? Okay, amazing.

So we have the uh, okay, we have March, we said Tulum, Tulum, right? Am I messing that up? 

April 3rd through 7th. 

April 3rd through 7th. 

Tulum, Mexico. Okay. It’s a jungle retreat. It’s beautiful. Yeah. 

Okay, so where are you doing it? 

Uh, it’s in Tulum, Mexico they can go to my website, all the information is there 


Uh, the name of this retreat center. It holds 17  people. It has like nine beautiful rooms. Some are shared, some are single.

So there are various ways. I also [00:31:00] found a beautiful, unique hotel a mile away. So if somebody wants for sure their single room, they don’t want to share it with anybody. They can just pay five hundred dollars extra and stay at that place as well. So, there are options.

Beautiful, amazing. Um, I don’t know. Is there anything else you want to add that could be supportive and helpful to other people that I didn’t ask?

I guess it’s always good to reiterate who, who it’s for, um, in general, and like what happens there because people, I like to keep, be transparent and keep just a little bit of surprise, just. People get excited when they get to do something; maybe they don’t necessarily expect it in a good way, but overall, people do want to know what happens.

Yeah. So, as far as who it’s for, it’s for women entrepreneurs. It’s for women who have reached the ceiling, maybe in their career, and they just need to be inspired and see what else is out there. [00:32:00] There was a lot of focus on, um, how to live a fulfilled life. Just in general, like financial freedom. How do you create a side gig, maybe?

If you want to get away from the corporate world, what do you need to do to get into the corporate world? So they’re kind of different angles; there’s something for everybody. Each of the masterminds has a sub-theme. So yes, overall, it’s boosting credibility, but Tulum, Mexico is embracing change. Whether you’re about to retire, your kids are going away, you got divorced, you changed your career at the age of 40, whatever that may be, it’s embracing change.

And we’re talking about trainers who specialize in strength coaching. You actually take the assessment, and they tell you your top five strengths. And adaptability quotient, 16 categories. How adaptable are you, and what do you need to work on? So, anything that has to do with embracing change that’s still in Mexico.

Then Nashville is about financial freedom. How do [00:33:00] you become a retired dish? So, you want to retire? But I still actually have something going on. So we have a CPA financial advisor doing a six-hour training. We have another CPA professional there as well. We have a whole day allocated for how do you create a nonprofit? How do you scale your business? So various interesting topics from very accomplished women. 

And it’s the percentages, you know, in Florida, it was 90 percent work, 10 percent play. Like, like, we were on a lot. In Tulum, Mexico, we have a chef making all the meals for us. and it’s going to be 60-40.

So, in Tulum, it’s also going to be a lot of let’s recharge 

Because, you know, the recharge part is when the creativity happens. Yes, because you need that break in order to process everything and get that. I get my inspiration in nature. I get my inspiration when I cook because I enjoy that. I get my inspiration.

Um, when I’m exercising, like when I’m [00:34:00] not working, it doesn’t happen when I’m working. It just doesn’t. It could happen with conversations when I present; that’s why we do it. But those conversations, once you’ve had them, you have to process them and see what part of that conversation inspires you. Because not everything necessarily is your idea; it’s somebody else’s idea.

So, yeah, you know, like, you need that time. So, I don’t call it off. I call it the creativity moment. Yes. The moment of inspiration. 

Absolutely, absolutely. And because I now learned and we kind of right, we improve, and we learn. In Florida, there were too many folks lined up for the stage time.

So, it was a lot of, you know, one of the artifacts that you’re walking away with because I’m very pragmatic as well. So it’s good to be inspired, but, like to boost your credibility, what is it that you’re going to walk away with? Are we going to record the podcast? Are you, are we going to capture you speaking on stage?

So we needed to complete everything that we lined up to do. So the agenda was. [00:35:00] A bit more packed than I guess it should have been, and I know you warned me many, many times Uh, but now I learned, and so in Tulum and Nashville It’s scaled down a bit, and Nashville is just so beautiful with a museum and stuff. So, we have a lot of time allocated for that as well as beautiful dinners. We have a rooftop.

So the Airbnb I rented for Nashville it’s just overlooking the city versus in Tulum. It’s a jungle with water fountains like, um not fountains. Um, what are they called? Anyway, With beautiful scenery. 


Yes. That’s it. Thank you. Okay. 

A little blur. 

Yeah. So it’s just that I’m excited.

And who is it for? Just like I said, I am focusing on women because women don’t prioritize themselves. And. When it comes to boosting credibility, women are also good at boosting somebody else’s credibility. Like they’ll yell and scream how somebody else [00:36:00] is amazing, but they’ll never say look at me like I’m awesome. And so I do that for women, and other women do it for each other.

And I just love seeing that. 

It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful thing. I will place your links below, but where can people reach you or find you to talk to you? 

The easiest thing is, um, I just rebranded my website to focus only on retreats and masterminds. I even took away all my corporate stuff.

So ralm three, R A L M three, and you’ll find everything you can possibly want to find. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So, all those links will be below. Luba, thank you so much for just trusting me to, you know, help you a little bit and trusting the universe and all those guidance and signs to make you keep going.

Cause I’m so happy you didn’t get to that stage of giving up. You persevered. You’re resilient, and you ended up selling out. How [00:37:00] many people were there? 18, 17?

18. Well, it was hard. It was funny. Somebody asked me, I’m like, I don’t know. I lost count at that point because, you know, um, some people would visit, so they didn’t stay with us at the mansion.

So at some point, we had dinner with about 25. Well, we had visitors who were local too. Uh, Fort Lauderdale, who we invited just to join us for dinner, but in general, the majority of us had 16. 

Amazing. Congratulations on a successful retreat. And I look forward to hearing about all the other ones that are coming up, too.

I can’t wait. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much for having me. It was so much fun.

Thank you for listening to the Retreat Boss podcast. When it comes to achieving wellness and transformation, nothing is more effective and profound than a well orchestrated retreat, achieving huge revenue growth, one trip at a time. Want [00:38:00] to learn more on expanding your business with retreats? Visit RetreatBoss.

com when profitable retreats are made easy. Be sure to leave a rating and subscribe to the show at RetreatBoss. com forward slash podcast. Until next time, take care.


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