Impactful Destination Events




Everything you need to know from conception to post retreat making the most effective, impactful and profitable retreat will be learnt through taking this course. Perfect for anyone who wants to change direction with their career or add more services and supplemental income to their business such as a travel agent, event planner or a retreat organizer who wants to up their game at planning. It is also great for the retreat venue owner who wants to plan retreats for his clients or the corporate client looking to train their employees who often create retreats for team- building or to enhance their company’s culture. This course is required to enroll in the RetreatBoss Excellence program where you will become a Certified Retreat Planner.

Bonus: The RetreatBoss™ Master Planner, it includes:

  • Retreat Timeline Planning Checklist: Pre-Retreat, On-Site, Post-Retreat Planning 
  • Registration Form: including Health and Medical Form
  • Retreat Agenda Template
  • A Guest Online Application that attracts the most engaged participants
  • Retreat and Group Rules Template 
  • Media Release Form Template
  • Attendee Satisfaction Questionnaire Template
  • Client Satisfaction Questionnaire Template
  • Attendee and Room Distribution List
  • Venue Selection Checklist
  • Pricing for Profit Worksheet 
  • Promotional Calendar
  • Client Assessment for Planning for Hire
  • Experiences Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Packing Checklist
  • Reservations Tracking Spreadsheet
  • PLUS: Get a FREE Guide on How to Build a Successful Retreat


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