Transformative Experiences




If you are looking to run and host a retreat for yourself once, twice or more times a year then this course makes it easy for you. You will learn strategies from conception to post retreat creating a most effective, impactful and profitable event. This course is perfect for the heart centred entrepreneur. If you are a coach, health and fitness influencer, spiritual leader, or any one who wants to add supplemental income to their business.

  • Attract and qualify your best and most eager client to your retreat 
  • Strategies on filling the retreat to capacity
  • Pricing strategies and templates for profit
  • Qualify venues, activities and suppliers within your perfect retreat destination
  • Develop a program that results in meaningful impact for your clients
  • Negotiating supplier contracts
  • Understanding possible liabilities and how best to protect yourself
  • Safety protocols for yourself and group
  • Marketing strategies and promotional timelines

Bonus: The RetreatBoss™ Master Planner, it includes:

  • Retreat Timeline Planning Checklist: Pre-Retreat, On-Site, Post-Retreat Planning 
  • Registration Form: including Health and Medical Form
  • Retreat Agenda Template
  • A Guest Online Application that attracts the most engaged participants
  • Retreat and Group Rules Template 
  • Media Release Form Template
  • Attendee Satisfaction Questionnaire Template
  • Attendee and Room Distribution List
  • Venue Selection Checklist
  • Pricing for Profit Worksheet 
  • Promotional Calendar
  • Experiences Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Packing Checklist
  • Reservations Tracking Spreadsheet
  • PLUS: Get a FREE Guide on How to Build a Successful Retreat

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have a theoretical and practical experience on planning your retreat
  • Have created a retreat plan and will be in progress
  • Have gained strategies and tools in creating profitable transformational retreats
  • Increase productivity and decrease money wasted, adding to the bottom line
  • Learn to profit from proper pricing, decreasing cancellations, upselling & filling your retreats
  • Learn to profit from proper targeting & marketing
  • Have the knowledge on how to decrease liability from qualifying your clients, detailed planning, liability prevention & customer quality control
  • Improved negotiation skills
  • Increase your business knowledge on starting and launching a business, product and service
  • Have put into place a promotional timeline and retreat agenda
  • Choose venues to meet yours and your guest standards of quality
  • Understand all the intricate details that make a successful retreat.


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