RetreatBoss™ Excellence Certification




This course will provide you with business skills and strategies to help you build your business as a Retreat Planner. It will also make you eligible to be a licensed RetreatBoss Planning Consultant where you can help teach others how to plan retreats with our program. Prerequisite: Retreat Planning for Professionals.


  • All the Bonuses from the Level 1 Course PLUS
  • Legal Templates (worth $5000)
  • Mindshift Guide and Journal
  • Plug-in and do-it-all for you – Pricing for Profit Spreadsheet
  • Plug-in and do-it-all for you – Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet
  • Plug-in and do-it-all for you – Attendee Room List and Activities Spreadsheet
  • Plug-in and do-it-all for you – Trip Planner Spreadsheet
  • Plug-in and do-it-all for you – Pricing for Profit Spreadsheet
  • Plug-in and do-it-all for you – Retreat Planner Spreadsheet
  • Plug-in and do-it-all for you – Social Media Spreadsheet

By the end of the course you will:

  • Form habits that will help you achieve your goals
  • Have a strong foundation and skills to build a solid network of leaders
  • Attract a loyal clientele who will positively affect your growth
  • Create more income for your business
  • CERTIFIED as a retreat planner
  • Eligible to be a licensed RetreatBoss planner


You will receive a plug-in and calculate Pricing for Profit Spreadsheet A legal template between the Planner and Client which includes a media release waiver, liability, (Worth 5000)$


Benefits as a licensed RetreatBoss™ planner and member:

  • Train others to be planners
  • Use the brand name 
  • Access to our library of the most updated templates and all our webinars.
  • Access to all our forms and worksheets
  • Monthly Q & A with the founder
  • Support from RetreatBoss™
  • Take advantage of our general brand marketing
  • Be recognized as an retreat expert with a reputable brand
  • Access to the updated course modules you have graduated from
  • Access to the updated legal forms, waivers and media release forms
  • Example of a landing page
  • Affiliate program 
  • Discounted Rates with Suppliers (20 000$ value)

…and more benefits to come as we expand. Must be certified by the RetreatBoss™ Excellence Program to be admissible. Monthly Licensing Fees apply. More details (add button-Link to contact form)


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