Pricing for Profit Bundle

Maximize your profit and scale your business!
A self-paced mini-course where you will learn
the techniques & secrets to negotiate and price
your retreat to gain 5 and 6 figures

You are running retreats, but perhaps the profit is not as good as it should be, negotiations aren’t going well, or maybe you know you can make a higher profit, or worse
you are losing money.

Well… It sounds like you need the tools to take your retreat to the next level! Worry not, we got you!

This mini-course will teach you exactly how to price & profit from your retreat with a step-by-step worry-proof pricing tool that includes every detail involved in getting you the maximum profit.

There’s more! Learn negotiating techniques that will help you to save money and get collaborators and sponsors for your retreat & your business; this means that you could get your retreat products sponsored, or even better, the retreat itself!

Price your retreat for profit and learn strategies to save from your bottom line. The combination of both will have you leading world class retreats.

Why this program was designed?
Too many retreat leaders are not getting paid what they are worth because they are not charging enough.

To add an extra line of income to your business by understanding how to host profitable retreats.

How much will you earn?
If you negotiate right, get sponsors, collaborators, and learn how to price your retreat, you can make a 5-digit profit with a small retreat, and it can go to 6 digits with a larger retreat.

Does this sound like you?

You are always worried that if you overprice your retreat, your clients won’t sign up, and you will lose money if you underprice. This course will give you the tools to help you price it right.

You will learn:

  • how to create a cost-effective retreat strategy
  • negotiation strategies that will know down your costs and increase inclusions
  •  pricing formulas that will cover surprise
    expenses, making you feel confident about your value.
  • how to attract sponsors and collaborators that
    will also bring more clients to you.

What you will receive

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A 5-lesson mini-course Format: Text lessons and video with theoretical and practical knowledge and quizzes.

Valued at: 300$

Get the most out of your retreat with the RB Pricing for Profit Worksheet

Valued at: 100$

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Lifetime access to the course! Have forever access to the downloadable ressources and strategies

Valued at: 1000$

Save money and grow your business by getting the best deals for your retreat with our negotiating worksheet

Valued at: 500$

Plus this BONUS!
The pitch used by RetreatBoss to create lasting bonds with collaborators & brands

Valued at: 100$

Total valued: 2000$

For you NOW 333$ until April 21st, 2022

What people are saying

Patricia Ward Wellness travel coach RetreatBoss graduate

Agnesia 13 1 copy
Agnesia Agrella Business Architect | Change Specialist

Retreats are an extremely competitive market and having somebody with so much experience guiding me through the planning process has been invaluable. It has helped me to really focus on two or three areas at a time. It assisted me to identify the most important tasks that will ensure success when I launch the retreats.

bwf persuader client 2 1
Joel Berger Retreat Venue Owner & Operator

I thank you for all your help throughout these years: your constant assistance and collaboration had a great impact on the growth of my company.

Dillon Randolph Physician assistant

I have made tremendous strides and steps forward. It's going to be so useful to take everything I learned and put into action.



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