Build Your Dream Retreat Masterclass

The Build Your Dream Retreat Masterclass is the  can’t-miss event for anyone who wants to start adding retreats to their business, coaches, wellness practitioners, travel & event planners, bloggers, and aspiring retreat planners.

Retreat expert Catherine Kontos will spill her secrets and teach you the exact strategies she uses when planning a retreat, how to price and market to profit 5 figures from each retreat, scale your business using retreats as a launching pad and travel the world by planning and leading retreats, so you’re clients recommend you, earn more for your work, and create new revenue streams in your business, no matter where you’re at in your retreat journey.

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“And we all know the world needs positive input more than ever before — it’s obvious there’s no time to lose.”


This is for you if...

It’s time to master the retreat business and build your dream retreat!

Maybe you’re getting many things right in your business, and your clients are growing every day, but you know you could be doing more to make long-lasting relationships with your clients and your teachings more effective. Sound familiar?

What you really want is to…

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Sound like an impossible task? Maybe, if you go at it alone. But with the proper guidance, you can have all of these things without losing your mind, hiring a huge staff, or constantly adding more to-dos to your plate.

The best part: you’re about to learn how!

Can you imagine how it would feel to do more of what you love and get booked by clients who found you and value your work?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s 100% possible, and I’ve made a career of it!

The Details


We will be learning by modules, and each one will be approximately 30 minutes in length. 


The Masterclass is hosted in our Courses area, once you receive your login details you’ll be able to tune in the masterclass!

Also make sure to join our BossUp With Retreats Facebook group is a great place to share, network with other attendees, and get feedback from your peers. 

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The Masterclass Exclusive Pass

Get The Masterclass VIP Pass for $99 USD / $129 CAD! That means you’ll get access to unlimited replays on the lessons and premium bonuses like:

  • a Retreat Registration Form that includes medical details & registration
  • a media release Waiver
  • Q&A unlimited replays
  • a transcription of all your lessons, in other words, your own book!

You won’t want to miss it! By participating, you are also supporting the Pink Thriver Retreats, a fully funded retreat for breast cancer survivors.

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“Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become a profitable award-winning business.”

Your Host

Hi, I’m Catherine Kontos, the founder of RetreatBoss. I am a firm believer in the power of retreats. In 2012, I started a business as a retreat planner to guide clients in curating transformative experiences they would never forget. We have helped thousands of guests experience memorable and transformational journeys in the last decade. Today, RetreatBoss is an award-winning retreat company and a go-to reference for the retreat community.

Running a retreat business or hosting retreats to complement your teachings isn’t just choosing a destination, a cute venue and gathering people around to share.

Get ready to learn from a top industry expert to uplevel your business with retreats for 3 amazing days!


Mastering retreats implies more than just that; it’s all about helping people achieve real and long-lasting transformation in an environment that helps enhance it.

Learn what it takes to:

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Build Your Dream Retreat Masterclass

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Get access to unlimited replays of the lessons and the Q&A session.

Get a Retreat Registration Form, Including medical registration and a Media Release Waiver.

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Get access to unlimited replays of the lessons and the Q&A session until August 21st at midnight.

Get a Retreat Registration Form, Including medical registration.

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Andrea T.

Thank you for a great course. By the end of session 1, it was clear that I need to do WAY more research on who I am serving in terms of where I can find them, how *they* would phrase their pain points and how to reach them. I now have more clarity on how to pursue that

Sara A.

I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed today's lesson. I liked that it made me think more about the experience before the retreat, which is also part of it- or where the transformation actually starts -. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

Vince L.

I posted to FB , instagram and twitter. Loving the course! I am learning in RetreatBoss and Catherine Kontos’ Build Your Dream Retreat Masterclass!

Jennifer H.

Have learned so much already. Been in the travel industry 30+ years and looking forward to adding retreats to my business.

Beth F.

I just went through today’s videos and I’m so excited to get started!! I’ve found amazing value and it already got me thinking about my retreat, Catherine Kontos mentions about aligning your values with your retreat and who you let in, but my desperation to fill out my retreat gets the best of me. Does this happen to you too? I really never thought of it but I know that every time there are some guests that should have not been at my retreat. They felt off. Now I understand.

Carolina O.

I’ve been enjoying the lessons so much! Love How much it has made me think!! Thank you for this amazing masterclass.

Sarah H.

I'm just now processing my thoughts from last night's video. I really had to sit with everything because it was all so inspiring. I absolutely loved when you said, “there’s a reason you’re in this space because something happened to you. You are here to tell your story and create these micro changes” That resonated so much with me!!!

Denisse R.

Big shout out to Catherine Kontos! She gives huge value to her programs! Thank you!!

Corinne Lebrun

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share that I took the "Retreat Planning for Practitioners Course" and was really astounded by the amount of useful information.
In the past, I had put together three-day events and some retreats in the past and thought I already knew a lot. But, this course FAR exceeded my expectations because I learned about so many more things. For example - developing a target audience and even how to do that in a methodical and intelligent way (which I've found useful not only for a retreat business but for my education business as well), and how to really refine my unique offering. Just that alone is something people who have courses on teaching coaches to develop a coaching business will charge tens of thousands of dollars for. The information in this course is ALL practical, and there are step-by-step instructions on how to actually do things rather than just a concept.
I also learned about the details about how to develop the correct pricing, factoring in resort fees, hidden fees, and what's in an not in resort contracts; and just FAR too much to write here.
Also, I love how generous Catherine Kontos is with her time and the semi-weekly Q and A sessions where I was able to get really specific questions answered. So I am a BIG FAN!!
And I learned so much and feel like I want to integrate it all on an even deeper level, so I decided to take the Master Class this weekend too! And each lesson in Retreat Planning class has an extraordinary amount of depth, and for me, the process itself provided me with some inner transformation as well So for anyone who is planning on taking the full course, I am excited for you!

Patricia Ward

I hope you all are loving the master class. I’m a graduate of the Retreatboss program, and I just wanted to share my experience. I came into the program not knowing too much about retreats other than I wanted to offer them as part of my coaching package. This Retreatboss program taught me everything I needed to know to start planning my first retreat. Catherine’s mentorship and seminars were invaluable and now I’m excited to be helping plan An actual retreat.

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