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Legal Issues to Avoid on Retreats

How to Lower Your Liability Risk
Liability is always a risk in business, and the retreat industry is no exception. However, it is possible to lower your risk. The more thoroughly you prepare ahead of your retreat, the less likely you will encounter costly surprises.

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Working with Benefits: All 12 of Them

Create a Location Independent Lifestyle as a Retreat Planner
Working remotely from anywhere in the world sounds like a dream. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity? Many people do and later realize they lack the discipline or the tools to work effectively, or maybe they simply miss going into the office.

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The Hottest Trend in Travel for 2022: Retreats

Why Travel Planners, Event Planners, Wellness Influencers and Coaches Should Add Retreats to Their Business Plan
When the pandemic came, fear paralyzed the world. Borders and businesses closed. Loved ones fell ill, and some died. We were stuck at home (some of us still are) and in that isolation, we were forced to look inward.



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